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Brackets Baby! consists of Four Rounds of individual games that will comprise a full tournament.  When you make your Sheet of Integrity Selections on the "Submit Predictions" page, and provide your contact information, you will be entered into our next available tournament.


We will live stream a tournament that will consist of a full 16-team bracket, where one Seed / Player will be the final tournament winner.  The head-to-head matchups will be played on our Tournament Game Mat:


Each game consists of two halves that contain 10 Possession for each team + a Bonus Possession.

Each of the 16 Seeds have custom card decks that consist of 40 cards with various scoring options ranging from zero points to three points.  Example cards:

Each player will alternate possessions, in which they are dealt a card from their respective decks and placed face up on the Game Mat in the Possession order (1-10).  We will keep a running score of the possessions, and then after each team has been dealt their 10 respective cards, we will deal one card each from the Bonus Deck, that has higher scoring possibilities (1 - 8 points possible).  Examples:

The cards are then collected and shuffled back into their respective decks.  That is the end of the first half of the game.  We will repeat this exact same sequence for the second half, and then tally the final scores.  Whichever team has accumulated more overall points, wins the game and moves on to the next round.  The loser is eliminated (this is a single elimination Tournament).


When we announce a tournament date to be played and Live-Streamed, we will open up the "Submit Predictions" page to the public that looks like this:

To submit your entry, you simply need to fill in your contact Name / Nickname / Email address, and then fill in the radio buttons with your selections for each Round.  Note that the tournament and card decks were created to favor the lower seeds, just like the NCAA College Basketball tournament.  So the #1 Seed is the favorite to win the whole tournament, followed by the #2 Seed team and so on.  Upsets are definitely possible though, so every tournament has the ability to play out with unique results.

When you fill out all of the appropriate predictions for the Round of 16, the next radio buttons will appear for the Round of 8, like so:

Continue to make your selections for the Round of 8 (remember that the Lower # Seed is always the favorite to win and the Higher # Seed is the Underdog, but anything can happen!), then complete the Round of 4 predictions, then the Finals Winner, i.e. who you predict will win the entire Tournament (don't forget to click the Submit Predictions button when you have made all of your selections):

Once you have submitted your Prediction (one selection per person please, we will only accept the first entry submitted per person / email address), you should see a quick confirmation that your submission has been accepted / received.  You are in the game!  


For each correct selection made in the first round (Round of 16), the entrant is awarded one point.  For each correct selection made in the second round (Round of 8), the entrant is awarded two points.  For each correct selection made in the third round (Round of 4), the entrant is awarded four points.  Finally for a final correct selection made in the Championship Game, the entrant is awarded eight points.  Whichever entrant has the highest number of points at the end of the tournament, will be awarded our Brackets Sheet of Integrity Champion.


Tune in for our Live Stream on the day / time listed; watch live on our YouTube page.  We will post the results of the Tournament on the site and our Scoreboard will show the standings / final results of all of the submitted predictions. 


Remember to check out our Social Media pages for the announcements of each Tournament date / live-stream event, along with what prizes we will be giving away (we've got some BIG PRIZES to give away this year)!

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