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How we started


The idea for Brackets Baby! was first dreamed up after the conclusion of yet another March Madness college basketball tournament, in which the founder of Brackets Baby! once again found himself with a busted bracket and a desire to keep the excitement of filling out a bracket and seeing the games play out continue.  This game is how that excitement and enthusiasm can be realized year-round (even in year(s) where there is no actual basketball tournament - thanks Covid).

What Is Brackets Baby?


In short:  it's a card game that was created to simulate an actual tournament.  16 decks of cards (representing Seeds #1 - #16) + a bonus deck + the game board to  play out a "tournament" on, with head-to-head games / match-ups.  The winner of each game moves on, the loser does not, but EVERY player has an opportunity to win with a SHEET OF INTEGRITY prediction of how the tournament will play out.


"This game doesn't exist yet, but I'm psyched to play it" - likely somebody


"When can I get my hands on this game?! I'm dying for some kind of sports entertainment!" -- me


"If you like basketball and you like competition and you like...." ok, I was just going to make another fake testimonial up and ran out of steam...just buy the game when it's out, please.

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